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From Immersive Entertainment to Television, Film, Music and Events our singular mission is to create and foster entertainment based platforms that push the creative boundaries of what is possible in order to deliver consumers experiences they will never forget. 

Through our private equity investment funds, Red Room Capital & Upsense Media Capital, Prolific looks to make investments into projects and companies that represent a synergistic addition to our trans-media ecosystem. Prolific’s operations, deal flow and investment targets typically fall inside of 5 core verticals which include: Music, Film & Television, Facilities & Venues, Entertainment Marketing, and Entertainment Technology & IP.

In addition to all of our for profit activities, our team is deeply rooted in philanthropic activities. Through our own Corporate Social Responsibility division as well as the private associations of our team members, Prolific engages in educational and charitable endeavors focusing on giving back to the global community as well as fostering the growth of the next generation of entertainment industry luminaries.


Over their respective histories within the entertainment industry our staff, portfolio companies, projects and production teams have garnered the following accomplishments;

4 Emmy awards                                 18 Emmy Award Nominations

3 Oscar Awards                                  11 Oscar Award Nominations

     7 Grammy Awards                            20 Grammy Award Nominations

7 BAFTA Awards                                  9 BAFTA Award Nominations

     2 Golden Globe Awards                             3 Golden Globe Award Nominations

480 million + records sold  

2 Billion + views of their content on digital platforms



Prolific’s Music Division is comprised of assets in the Recorded Music, Music Production and Talent Management sectors. The companies within the division handle the creation and dissemination of music content associated with original artists, movie soundtracks, video games, TV shows, commercials and advertising campaigns. 

Film & Television

Prolific’s Film & Television Division is currently comprised of assets in the Theatrical Motion Picture and Broadcast industries. Included in this division are internal Film & Television development funds, external co-production/financing funds, Film & Television Production Companies, and Prints and Advertising (P&A) funds. 

Facilities & Venues

Prolific’s Facilities & Venues Division targets domestic US facilities that represent a multi-purpose functionality allowing for a diverse client base. In addition to live event focused venues, Prolific also targets production and post production facilities specializing in music, film and television.  

Entertainment Marketing

Assets within our Entertainment Marketing division handle a wide scope of services which include


Event Production|Sponsorship Acquisition  Product Placement 

Public Relations | Celebrity Wrangling Endorsement Deals

     Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality | Mixed Reality | 360 Video | Holograms  

Entertainment Tech & IP

Prolific's Entertainment Technology & IP Division houses the crown jewels so to speak, as it relates to patents, proprietary technologies, film libraries, music publishing catalogues, and all entertainment-related forms of Intellectual Property. Typical acquisition targets include assets and operating companies in Film & Television, Recorded Music, First Run Theatrical Distribution, Event-based Fan Engagement Technologies, and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Immersive Entertainment.  

Investment Funds

Upsense Media Capital and Red Room Capital provide investment opportunities to Institutional & Private investors within a number of verticals in the Entertainment industry.
Strategically sourced by a successful management team comprised of veteran industry professionals with 20+ years of experience in entertainment, our investment funds provide investors access to marquee high profile deals while providing a disciplined approach to mitigating the risk to our investors which is grounded in decades of hands-on operational experience.  

Corporate Social Responsibility


As a part of our long standing corporate commitment to education, Prolific is proud to present its Venture 305 Program. Designed as a global focused education initiative, the Venture 305 program targets three core groups of participants. The first group is comprised of local community based students, teachers and arts professionals (the Spark Program). The second focuses on underrepresented teens (ages 15-18) that come from low income/low opportunity areas (the Ignite Program) and the second group is college and graduate level students who are pursuing careers in media and entertainment (the Forge Program).